Research at RCGP


At the RCGP we define research as systematic investigation that results in new conclusions. Whilst not a research organisation, the RCGP recognises the key role that research plays in advancing the highest quality of care for patients.

High quality research and objective evidence is vital to policy and clinical decision-making and underpins the best possible care for patients. The RCGP Research Programme works in a number of ways to help ensure robust evidence remains at the heart of what we do.

We support GPs and academics in their research by building research capacity:

  • Developing research skills and knowledge in general practice.
  • Strengthening the infrastructure available for GPs and researchers to access data from their profession to inform their research.
  • Providing grant funding to support GPs to undertake high quality research in areas of priority.
  • Working with key stakeholders in the primary care research sector to influence Government to invest in primary care research.

We develop and use new research to help provide the evidence for robust decision-making:

  • Developing research and data analyses in priority areas.
  • Using evidence to understand the current state of general practice and hold Government and the NHS to account on their commitments.
  • Working with key stakeholders to develop new research projects and opportunities.

We promote high quality research and support its translation into policy and practice:

  • Celebrating high quality research in general practice and enabling those researchers to promote their own work.
  • Working with researchers and innovators whose work focuses on general practice priorities to help disseminate and implement their findings.

Research Engagement Hub

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