Clinical advisers network

The Clinical Advisers Network allows GPs to get involved, use their knowledge, experience and expertise to influence clinical policy and practice by contributing to the development of clinical policy, guidelines and quality standards. The opportunities, which are diverse and flexible, can range from contributing to individual consultations, to year-long commitments developing new guidelines.

We work to ensure that the expert generalist voice is heard across the UK policy landscape and that this is reflected in future of general practice. As expert medical generalists working in primary care you know what matters, what works and what is needed clinically in primary care. If, in addition to your general practice role, you have a specialist interest or area of expertise, then please do let us know, but this is not essential.

About the programme

The Clinical Adviser Programme is:


  • It allows you as a member of the RCGP to have a say on the direction of clinical policy for primary care across the UK.
  • By reading and commenting on the guidelines and policy consultations it will keep you up to date with clinical changes.


  • All qualified GP members with a licence to practice.


  • The programme influences the whole of primary care by effecting via national policy

As a Clinical Adviser you can:

  • Submit written comments on draft clinical policy, guidelines and quality standards
  • Attend events on behalf of the RCGP, such as one-off scoping workshops
  • Have the opportunity to become part of guideline development committee
  • Support other related work across the RCGP 

Important notes

  • The Clinical Adviser role is unpaid within the RCGP; however, specific projects may offer expenses for involvement,
  • The success of the Clinical Adviser programme relies on participation, and while there is no set obligation, it is implicit in your registration that you will actively participate.

Register as a Clinical Adviser

Participation is open to RCGP members who are practising GPs in the UK, non-practising GPs within three years of retirement, or clinicians with relevant clinical, academic or voluntary experience.

Anyone applying to be an adviser must declare any conflicts of interest to us. For successful registrations, there will be a need to re-register annually.

To register to be a Clinical Adviser, please:

  1. Complete online registration form
  2. Email short version of your CV to 

If you have any queries regarding our Clinical Advisers Network, please email: