Retired members and life membership

We welcome continued involvement from members after retirement. Once retired, you‘re eligible for life membership of RCGP.


RCGP membership after retirement

As well as demonstrating continued support for the College's important work, keeping up your involvement with RCGP after retirement is a great way of staying in touch with colleagues.

Retired members now receive a quarterly e-bulletin to keep up to date with the College so longstanding members can get involved in social activities, mentoring, international development and much more. "What happens to my membership with the College if I cease to be a registered medical practitioner with the GMC following retirement? "Following revision of the College’s constitution in 2000, the ordinances were amended so fully retired members of the RCGP, who cease to be a registered medical practitioner with the GMC, are entitled to continue their membership of the College.

Therefore, as a retired member, cessation of your GMC registration does not affect your continuing membership of the RCGP. The actual wording of the relevant paragraph within the ordinances, under the section ‘Termination or suspension of membership or associateship' states:

"8 (2). A person who has voluntarily ceased to be a registered medical practitioner on the basis that he or she has retired permanently from medical practice, or is taking a temporary career break, and who was at the date of his or her ceasing to be so registered a member of the College in good standing, shall be entitled to continue his or her membership of the College."

Life membership (Associates, Member and Fellow)

If on 1 April of any subscription year if you have reached the age of 70 or achieved 40 years of consecutive or continuous membership, you will be offered Life membership of the College, at no extra cost, with no further subscription fees to pay.

If you have permanently retired from medical practice you can apply for Life membership upon payment of a lump sum equal to three times the full annual subscription fee, applicable for the current subscription year under ByeLaw 3. Life membership payments are tax deductible, provided payment is made during the retirement year whilst still in employment. No further fees will be payable thereafter. If you wish to take up Life membership, please contact the Member Services team.

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